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Explore Our Plethora Of Eye-Catching Soft Toys For Your Loved Ones!

An Overview

With Christmas round the corner, toys pile up on the top of retail outlet shelves. There are toy cars, construction games, dolls and what not for kids to play with these days; and then, there are SOFT TOYS! Favorite of almost everyone, regardless of their age, soft toys always hold a special place in our hearts. We, Meridian Handicrafts (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., have stepped in the toy industry as a wholesaler and manufacturer of soft toys to fulfill the ever increasing demands of these cuties in the Indian market. From a retailer to an individual buyer, we are capable of surpassing the expectations of everyone for soft toys.

Under our roof, one can surely find the stuffed toy that speaks the best to their heart as we bring forth not 1, 2, 3 or 5 varieties but a myriad of these softies to choose from. From Duck Soft Toys to Panda Soft Toys, Doremon Soft Toys to Soft Doll Toys or Elephant Soft Toy, we have got an ample assortment of these to entertain kids, pets and everyone else who love having soft toys in their room.

Attracting Customers

The cuteness and softness of our offered soft toys are a couple of reasons for which these become the beloved companion of kids, adults and even pets. However, there are many more reasons that attract our customers:

  • We also offer Handmade Soft Toys that showcase the creativity and skills of our experienced artisans. 
  • Since made from hands, our toys are impeccable in design, quintessential in designs and have eye-catching colors.
  • We use top-of-the-line fabrics and other material for making our Panda Soft Toys and other products.

Hygiene and Safety

When kids and pets play with their toys, they often put these in their mouths, as well. And, with such an environment outside, following strict hygiene and safety standards while handling products is of prime importance. To ensure the same, all our employees wear their gloves, masks, head caps and other safety gear properly, thereby, preventing any kind of skin contact with our Panda Soft Toys, Doremon Soft Toys, etc., while producing or packaging these.
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